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While advances in solar technology have made popular headlines, like this Newsweek article (, which contrast recent White House policies with competitive sustainable options, the wind energy market has joined the discussion by announcing some exciting news.


UPC Renewables announced plans to build two wind farms in Australia.[1] Upon completion, the project estimates capability of harnessing between 600-1000 MW of clean energy for the continent.[2] How significant is this number? Only 20 MW is needed to power approximately 3000 homes.[3]


These two wind farms, one in Robbins Island, the other in Jims Plain, will be among the largest clean energy projects performed by UPC since it began building Wind Farms over twenty years ago.[4]


The short term cost of these farms ranges from 1.2-1.6 billion,[5] however without the need for continued excavation of fossil fuels this alternative form of energy will offer long term energy solutions for the continent without the expensive renewed costs of searching and drilling new oil wells, or the negative externalities of polluting the air, soil, and water. Additionally this investment is expected to bring over 300 news jobs: 250 for initial construction and over 50 for continued operation and maintenance.[6]


Furthermore, by not destroying the landscape with mines and drills, the wind farms are capable of working in unison with other clean energy projects, opening the site to future investments. The land will be capable of housing solar panels and other “non-hydro based energy storage technologies.”[7]


Developments in individual clean energy technology benefits the energy sector as a whole. By working together, sustainable energy will be able to generate similar energy output at competitive prices without harm to the planet, the atmosphere, or the adjacent cities’ residents. According to the Energy Minister of Australia, this project is the carbon offset equivalent of taking  30,000 cars off the road while simultaneously creating over 200 construction jobs.[8] If the goal of the government is to improve the living standards of the average citizen than clean energy needs to remain a priority. As technology continues to advance, renewable energy will not only be seen as an environmentally responsible investment, but a price competitive one as well.


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