SpaceX: Private Enterprise in Space Exploration

SpaceX | Elon Musk | Buffalo, NY | Certified B Corp


SpaceX | Elon Musk | Buffalo, NY | Certified B Corp


Elon Musk’s accomplishments are out of this world. After two failed attempts, SpaceX successfully launched another Falcon 9 into space with a communications satellite on July 5th 2017 at 7:38 PM.[1] This marks the tenth rocket SpaceX has launched this year as the startup is not only on pace to break its own annual record, but also record more launch than Arianespace and United Launch Alliance;[2] while SpaceX may reach up to 24 launches this year, Arianespace will only reach 10.[3]


Musk’s entrance into the industry has helped bolster the competition leading to breakthroughs in speed and efficiency of rockets. His company creates a less expensive product and faster production to his competitors, demonstrating this feat the past two weeks by launching three rockets in under two weeks; two of those rockets were launched less than two days apart.[4]


This most recent launch did not have enough fuel to return after deploying its satellite, however SpaceX’s ultimate goal is to reuse their Falcon 9 rockets. This will not only cut costs of having to create new rockets for every launch, but will also aid in their plan for rapid succession of launches. On Monday SpaceX recovered a capsule used on a previous mission, shipping supplies to the International Space Station.[5]


If SpaceX completes its final ten flights by the end of the calendar year they will have not only easily surpassed their record of 18 launches in 2016, but will also out launch the United States Government.[6] With the use of SpaceX rockets to carry materials to the International Space Station, and deploy satellites into orbit at a faster rate than the government, one may be left asking what role government will play in Space Exploration in the coming years.



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