Money Talks 2017

“Money Talks” is a free educational series for the general public on social, political, and global issues that affect our economy. At Goldfarb Financial we believe that the greatest tool against potential shocks is education and we offer knowledge to both our clients and the community.
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Sustainable Wines

Exploring Sustainable Wine Farming in WNY

May 18 at 4:00 PM
Saturn Club

What is the place of the Local Family Winery in the world? 

We will explore economic sustainability, the strides being made in the environmental realm and the economic impact of developing a business in our corner of the world. arrowhead-spring-vineyards

Based on our geographic and climactic conditions we will dive head first into how that plays out on taste and economic development. This program will be followed by a wine tasting so that all of our participants can taste for themselves sustainability at work!


Goldfarb Financial is pleased to present Wendy Wilson from Leonard Oakes Estate Winery and Robin Ross from Arrowhead Springs Vineyards:




Wendy Wilson
Leonard Oakes Estate Winery

“The Oakes family, rooted in the region and their agricultural heritage, nurture the bounty of the vineyards.  Generations of Oakes have ventured out into the world and returned to the farm with broad expertise and a unique vision.  Together they have created a personal wine experience that is engaging, fun, and informative.  This passion is also represented in their diverse array of high-quality wines.”






Robin Ross
Arrowhead Spring Vineyards

“We produce wines that reflect the thoughtfully chosen soils and climates from which they emanate. We respect our surroundings, maintain good stewardship of the land, uphold our commitment to the principles of sustainable farming and seek a deeper understanding of the natural living systems around us.”




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Regenerative Economy

Impact Investments: The Opportunity for Buffalo

March 2 at 7:30 AM
Saturn Club

As we transition from traditional business and economic models to address emerging social and environmentalMoney Talks 2017: Regenerative Economy in Buffalo challenges, the benefits are community and economic development that encompasses a sense of place, enhanced brand value, positive consumer experiences, new market share, and minimized risk.

Goldfarb Financial has invited the following panelists to discuss opportunities and challenges in the following spheres as it relates to investment and development in Buffalo:

• Business/Industrial: Integration of new business models in key economic sectors that design towards circularity and regeneration of resources.

• Social: Better defined metrics for community revitalization and healthy job creation to leverage more benefits and equity for underserved communities in industrial communities.

• Economic/Investment: Benchmarks and investment structures tailored for solutions and entrepreneurship of new services, products and materials that contribute to the creation of a regenerative economy.


Money Talks 2017: Frits Abell

Frits Abell
Green Machine

Frits has 15 years of experience in marketing, corporate development and operations for start-up to mid staged ventures.



Money Talks 2017: Alexandra McPherson
Alexandra McPherson
Niagara Share

Alexandra has spent the last twenty years leading innovative environmental initiatives that have achieved large-scale impact.



Money Talks 2017: Ryan McPherson
Ryan McPherson
University at Buffalo

Ryan connects people across the university with information, innovation, and tools to reduce UB’s footprint on the future and enhance quality of life.



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