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Goldfarb Financial believes in Empowerment through Education. We practice this principle not just with our clients but the entire community. Our Money Talks series invites featured guests to speak on domestic and international trending topics.
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The Educated Investor

We believe it’s important for any investor to learn early on that their portfolio is an extension of their core-values. That is why it’s important we develop a dialogue with each of our clients to better understand who they are and what their priorities are. Your investments can help shape the world.


Goldfarb Financial: Sustainable, socially responsible investments Buffalo Investing Education B CorpSustainable Investing

Through the use of inclusive screens we maintain a wide variety of investment options for clients without sacrificing their values.
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Keeping Up

As part of our education initiative, Goldfarb Financial wants to keep its clients up to date on the new discussions in the financial world. Our white papers can give an in depth, and researched position on some of the most trending topics in ours and related industries.
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